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The high quality of our services, along with our efficiency, effectiveness and reliability aim directly at creating powerful and long-lasting relations with our clients.

Our main concern is to establish a healthy, economically strong and viable business.
The following are briefly some of our main accounting services we provide for your business:

Choose the legal status

Choose the legal status for start-ups as well as shape and develop the legal status of the firm according to client needs.

Start-ups, Modifications

Start-ups, Modifications and Cessation of Activities, Transformations, Mergers of Firms.

Resolve Tax Affairs

Resolve Tax Affairs.

Books and Bookkeeping

Keep Books and Bookkeeping Updated and Computerised in our Office or your Company.

Tax Statements

Calculate, Draw Up and Submit of all Tax Statements (some of them listed below): VAT, Withholding Taxes, Payroll Tax, Income Tax, Customer-Suppliers Statements, Intrastat.

Greek Accounting Standards

Provide with Advice and Integrated Tax Support.

Payroll Department

Cover all needs of the Payroll Department (some of them listed below): Recruitment, Redundancies, Draw Up Financial Statements, Draw Up and Submit Statements for Labour Control, Draw Up and Submit Detailed Periodic Statement to the Social Security Institution (ΙΚΑ).

Tax and insurance

Update and counsel for both new tax and insurance as well as improve financial data for monitoring the fiscal obligations course prior to expiration of the respective period.


Miscellaneous tax services.

Road tax