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Every taxpayer experiences the daily need of accounting services and the provision of advice on transactions with the state’s economics and finances.

Our office covers for the entire range of tax and accounting needs of our individual clients. We provide specialised counselling and complete coverage of the accounting and tax issues spectrum, ranging from the simplest to the most complicated and special cases. We therefore provide services regarding:

Submission of applications

Submission of applications to Tax Administration and Taxisnet for issuing VAT identification number, personal code number and account activation.

Statements for income tax

Draw Up and Submit all kinds of Statements for income tax as well as real estate assets (Statements Ε1- Ε2– Ε9).

Taxation notice

Direct issuing of valid taxation notice of assessment after having submitted all statements and beforehand calculation of the tax deriving from the tax statement.

Amending and additional statements

Amending and additional statements of past years, where necessary.

Tax advice

Tax advice for handling issues of asset declarations and avoid unnecessary burdens from additional taxes and charges.


Guidance on tax reduction corresponding to income from real estate in accordance to new conditions.


Lease and Private Contracts.


Settlements and Arrangements of debts tο the Tax Administration.

Applications for heating oil, Α21 etc.

Applications for heating oil, Α21 etc.


Miscellaneous tax services.